Below is a list of the positions our partners are currently hiring for.

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Distribution Center


Arcadia, Wisconsin

This is an opportunity to begin a career in distribution and logistics with a Fortune 500 company. Regular job duties involve the loading and unloading of products from trailers and containers, packaging finished products, and taking inventory. The job requires certain physical ability; standing, moving, bending, pushing, pulling, and able to lift or carry up to 100 pounds or more with assistance. The employer will provide all new hires with the proper training and equipment.


Glass Manufacturing


  • Fremont, Indiana 

  • Fargo, North Dakota

Join a growing company with benefits, profit sharing, and opportunities for advancement! This is a permanent job in the industry of glass manufacturing. Regular job duties include loading glass into various types of machinery, lifting up to 50 lbs, and quality inspection. The employer will provide new hires with proper training for all job duties.

We have opportunities in Fremont, Indiana and Fargo, North Dakota.


Landscaping, Concrete, and Asphalt


Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota

Hiring for 2023 season

Gain experience working with our partners in North Dakota! This is a seasonal contract from May to November, round trip flight and housing are included. Typical job duties involve using manual tools and machines to instal, renovate, and maintain lawns, gardens, walkways, and patios as well as pouring and finishing concrete/asphalt surfaces.