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Integrated Staffing Solutions is a direct placement recruitment agency specializing in building a dedicated and loyal workforce for companies across the Midwest. For over 8 years, our proven model has focused on placing quality employees from Puerto Rico into permanent, full-time roles. 

By fully relocating each new hire and their families, our process emphasizes employee satisfaction, leading to retention rates over 70% after 6 months on the job. This significantly reduces our partners’ turnover and training costs associated with recruitment and onboarding.


Connecting Employers to Skilled Labor and Hard-to-Find Talent


Permanent Placements

We recruit groups of 50+ full-time, permanent employees to expand production capacity. With our talent network in Puerto Rico, we can deliver motivated employees even when local hiring is challenging.

Construction site

Seasonal Placements

We provide companies extra labor during peak seasons in industries like landscaping, construction and agriculture that have annual ebbs and flows.

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Specialty Recruitment

Our connections in Puerto Rico allow us to find experienced industry professionals such as engineers to fill specific technical roles.


When you work with Integrated Staffing Solutions and its 360° Talent Identifying System™, you’ll never be treated as just the next client in line. As recruiting experts, we have a vested interest in your company’s success. From our strategic model, to innovative workforce plans that drive down labor costs, to our best-in-industry Satisfaction Guarantee, Integrated Staffing Solutions is always looking for new ways to better serve businesses like you. Our placement consultants will help determine the best solution to your turnover problems. ISS is ready to deliver value to your company!


How many employees can we expect to hire from partnering with ISS?

Depending on the specific needs of your business, ISS will tailor a plan to meet your goals. We can bring any where between 3 to 10 employees on weekly basis depending on your company's training capabilities.

We tailor our work to each of our partners to best suit their needs, so please contact us if you would like more details or have any questions!

What are the criteria that ISS screens for?

It is in the best interest of ISS, your company, and the employees that the best candidates be put into the appropriate positions for them. With each position, we strive to understand the job requirements and only present our partners with candidates who meet or exceed those expectations. ISS hiring coordinators conduct pre-interviews in order to present our partners with potential hires who exactly meet their criteria.

Why is ISS different than other recruiting companies?

ISS is a socially responsible company, which means that we strive for what is best not only for our partners and the candidates we place with them, but also for the communities we live and work in. ISS connects with community leaders and organizations to prepare for an influx of new residents. Additionally, ISS Area Coordinators provide new hires with temporary housing and assistance while they transition into their new life.

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