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All of these questions (and more) are answered in our employment presentations.

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What salary can I expect?

While the wages vary with each of our partners and between the individual jobs they offer, ISS only works with employers who pay a fair, living wage to their employees and agree to provide certain benefits, like housing bonuses and health benefits.

What kinds of benefits come with the job?

ISS provides all new hires with reimbursement for travel expenses, two weeks of free housing upon arrival, and personal assistance in the search for your new home. The companies we partner with also provide their own package of benefits and bonuses, which are fully explained in our job presentations. 

Certain job benefits and bonuses may include: health insurance, dental insurance, eye care, 401k retirement plan, paid vacations, housing bonus, transportation bonus, and a placement bonus.

What type of work does ISS match employees to?

No prior skills are required for the jobs we offer. All jobs provide all of the training needed. However, experience with hand tools, heavy machinery, and warehouse skills are preferred.

What skills are required for these types of positions?

No prior skills are required for the jobs we offer. All jobs provide all of the training needed. However, experience with hand tools, heavy machinery, and warehouse skills are preferred.

How will I get relocated?

ISS will cover your travel expenses to get you to your new community and provide you with up to two weeks of free housing. Once you start your new job, our Area Coordinator will assist you in looking for permanent housing.

How much of my transportation costs will be paid for by ISS and the partner?

ISS will cover up to $250 of travel expenses (lodging, meals, gas) if you are driving a personal vehicle, or ISS will pay for your airfare and up to $75 in baggage fees. 

What is paid for in terms of housing?

We negotiate with our partners to provide every new hire with a housing bonus that equals about two months worth of rent. This amount varies depending on the community and cost of living.

Does ISS help with the relocation of my family?

ISS will not pay for the moving or traveling fees of any non-employees. However, our Area Coordinators will connect you with appropriate housing for you and your family, along with assistance in contacting schools and other services you may need.

What is the weather like where I will be living?

The Midwest is home to all four seasons. Spring is short, between late March and May, but seeing plants bloom after a long winter is beautiful. The summers, between July and August, are warm and pleasant, but can be humid at times with occasional thunderstorms. Fall, from September to November, is a windy season full of beautiful colors from the changing leaves. From late November to late March, the snow and cold of Winter take over the midwest. Temperatures vary from mildly cold to arctic conditions. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the seasons both indoors and outdoors. 

What safety precautions has ISS and their partners taken in relation to

For the safety of our employees and the people we hire, ISS has created a new hiring process that can be done entirely online. Along with providing a Covid test to all hires before they travel, our temporary housing has a strict set of rules to help keep the home clean and safe for everyone living
there. Our partners have also invested in their facilities to create safer working environments, with new layouts and temperature check-ins before every shift. Face masks and other necessary protective equipment will be provided before work begins. In general, ISS is following CDC guidelines and procedures for our safety and social distancing policy. Our partner employers may also have their own specific rules regarding workplace safety.